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Once the Earth was no longer habitable, folk travelled far
across the black to create a new home for themselves. The first
worlds humanity terraformed and colonized are located in
the Core—a group of centrally located planets that united to
form the Alliance. From the Core, folk spread to the frontier
of nearby systems. Many of the surrounding Border Planets
do a heap of lucrative business with their wealthier neighbors.
Other worlds, like those on the Rim, fend for themselves.

A few years ago, the Alliance threw its weight around

and demanded all other planets should fall under their rule.
Not everybody agreed. Some who didn’t fought against them
in the Unification War. Like any war, it was a bloody conflict
and a lot of folk died on both sides.

To this day, the so-called “Browncoats” haven’t forgotten
what happened. Though they lost the War, most Independents
still don’t believe they picked the wrong side.

Welcome to the play sessions of Rudy Soho and crew. We are using the Firefly RPG system Cortex Plus. Follow along as the Captain manages to push his luck at every turn. To the Crew’s luck though, it gets them into more trouble.

Home Page

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