Rudy Soho

Shady Business Man and Shady Captain all-around


Loves: Money
Dislikes: Splitting the money. (But i know, no work is free)

Character’s goal:
-To create a market empire, selling anything to anyone.
-To be respected by everyone, even the alliance!


Rudy was born on the bad side of New Melbourne, and was in a poor rut. He saw the men in the ports that had people talking to them, paying them with respect. They had power, and Rudy wanted that, and the money that came with it. He’s not a bad guy, but he never went out of his way for some old lady, what she ever done for him anyhow! Now he has a ship, he has a crew, no longer under someones thumb, and out making his own way.

Rudy Soho

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