Highland Williams

Know-it-all Mechanic that has a major debt to pay off.


Loves – Smoking and Reading
Dislikes – People who shaft him from
Looks –
Brown slick hair and eyes

Personality – Know it all and smartass. Calm exterior.


Highland is by many peoples estimations a junker. He loves gadgets and gizmos and has learned a majority of his craft through books, specially maintaining ships equipment. I have lived a rather difficult life and finding work is a hard way to live while trying to survive as well. Born in some of the beaten path border planet. Going from planet to planet in search of work is not his dream and at one point took a bad job that he had to abandon or go out the airlock. So Highland has to try to find a way to pay back his ex boss without taking a bullet to the face. Hannibal was just another out of the way shit hole where a group needed some engine work done without asking any questions. Didn’t even pay me so a left a little present for them and they get a nasty surprise when they start there engine.

Highland Williams

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