Elijah "Eli" King

Ex-Browncoat Sniper just looking to keep working


Eli is a slim, dark haired man in his mid to late twenties. Other than the permanent 5 o’clock shadow typical of those who grew up on ranches, Eli’s only particularly distinguishing feature his his missing left ear.


Eli grew up on Boros, the first son of a wealthy new-money cattle baron. Elijah didn’t want for much growing up, but was never much interested in schooling or the like. Instead he preferred to spend his time with his rifle, learning how to shoot and survive off the land, a practice his father encouraged at first. However it soon became clear that Elijah wasn’t interested in running the family business in any way shape or form and his relationship with his father soured. A girl was the straw that broke the camel’s back and wound up getting Eli disowned. Left with nothing but his rebelliousness, anger and pride, Elijah joined the Browncoats where he quickly wound up in a sniper division due to his skill with a rifle.
He doesn’t talk about it if he can help it, but he made quite a name for himself during the war, on both sides of the line.
Towards the end of the year long Siege of Du-Khang, he was finally taken out by an Alliance sharpshooter and spent the rest of the war recovering from his injuries.
After the surrender, he drifted towards the Rim and struggled to find work. Well, it wasn’t finding work that was the problem, it was keeping it. That is, until he joined up with the crew of The Lady Luck.

Elijah "Eli" King

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