Brendan Runin

Confusing Young Talented Pilot looking for his Dad's ship


Raised on: Destiny, Red Sun
Race: Asian-American
Build: Semi-Muscular
Loves: Going fast. really fast.
Dislikes: waiting. Gaaaaa.


Brendan, unknowing to himself, flew for the brown coats along side his father, Kyle Runin, who was famous for his dog fighting skills on his Zodain (Ship’s name). Brendan (being only 12 at the time of the war) thought his father was a simply a “space trucker” until fate caught up to him. On a mission turn suicide run, Kyle leaves me a planet name Destiny in the Red Sun’s side of the ’Verse. Years have past, and Brendan is the fast talking, wet behind the ear pilot/driver for hire that any crew needs.

Brendan Runin

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